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Avoid These Mistakes When Writing Your Curriculum Vita

Curriculum Vitae or a resume is one of the cardinal documents that every person who is seeking an employment must have. CV, writing therefore, must be taken with much seriousness as it acts as one's representation when applying for a job. Many qualified job seekers could miss employment opportunities due to some simple mistakes they make when writing a CV. This article will try to highlight some of common mistakes that many commit when writing a resume.


Headings or headlines are commonly writen by many people on top of the cv document i.e "Curriculum Vitae ". Giving your document headline is not something necessary as the doccument itself represent what a resume is.


It should be noted that when writing your profile or attribute, most people describe themselves in the best appealing manner. Profile Should be in line with the employers core values and ethits. Giving conflicting values may pose a challenge to you as a job seeker.

Work Experience

It is good to include any kind of job that you have previously undertaken; whether simple or greatest. For those who are seeking a first employment, it is may be challenging to put any work experience but it is good to indicate you efforts and willingness even if you have never worked anywhere. Omission to add work experience may show the Human Resource Department that you might be lazy.


It is always ideal to give referee in case you are requested to do so. Never give referees based on their job designations or positions that your referee holds but let your referee be someone whom you might have worked closely with. Also give correct contacts that could be available incase of request.


Most employers take atleat few seconds to pick ideal job candidate amongst many others by quikly skimming through their curriculum vitae. It is therefore good to give your CV in a precise and relevant manner.

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