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2 simple ways to express your biggest weakness in an interview.

You're bound to be asked about weaknesses and strengths in an interview . Preparing for this question is simply identifying weaknesses that still communicate strengths. This shows the interviewer that you are confident enough to know your areas of opportunity.

1. Focus on details too much.

Telling them that you are too detail-oriented may mean that you care about getting the job done carefully. But even this has a negative side, as a recruiter might assume you're too obsessive or that this can slow down the pace of work.

2. struggle to let go of a project.

If your weakness is that you have a hard time calling it quits on a job you've invested a lot of effort in and moving on to something else, you should emphasize that this can help eliminate mistakes that you don't see at first. On the other hand, you need to make sure this doesn't make the recruiter think this weakness may lead you to struggle with meeting deadlines.

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