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Educated unemployment in developing Kenya

Nearly three weeks ago, Safaricom, a leading communications company in Kenya, was planning to lay off 6000 employees. This is was a worry as 6000 employees were told to reapply for jobs. The communications company is said to have developed a new technology to replace the employees. However, the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) threatened to sue the company. 

Looking back at the causes of educated unemployment, technology appears to be the major one. Nevertheless, the main cause is unattractiveness towards foreign investment. Manufacturing and production contribute to a greater percentage of jobs. Kenya is a developing country. Since the start of formal education, tertiary education has been offering courses in the fields of industrial production and manufacturing. Courses such as medical engineering, mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering are the most offered. Still, the imposition of high taxes and poor infrastructure are the causes of not venturing into the businesses. The cost of manufacturing in Kenya is higher compared to in developed countries, like China. Most companies like Pace Africa, an electronic devices company in Kenya, design their devices, but manufacture in China. This is done to cut down production costs and taxes. Improving the infrastructure of the country and cutting down on taxes could be the solution to the educated unemployment.

Tertiary institutions and governments can establish plants that will manufacture and produce. In doing so, education will be more practical and therefore encourage students to work.

The education system is made more practical at the tertiary level, especially the university will help reduce the educated unemployment.

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