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Why you will always be poor

1. You're not investing money on yourself

You do not bet on yourself. You are not investing in important things like your wardrobe which can help you grasp some opportunities that you keep missing.

2.You have only one source of income

This is not new to you and you have probably heard it before . Yes, you need multiple sources of income if you are to escape the menace called poverty. In simpler words be a jack-of-all-trades, invest in literally anything that can bring that extra income.

3.You are living above your means

You need to leave within or if possible below your means in order to be rich. Avoid luxury at all costs. You don't need to have the latest car or phone for happy living. In simpler words stop showboating.

4. You have no passive income streams

The goal is to make money while sleeping. So if you don't have any passive income streams then you better get to work.

5.You think that a job will make you rich

A salary is a starting point but there is no way it can make you rich. You need to think of creating jobs not being employed.

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