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A Good Cover Letter Is Written This Way

A cover letter otherwise known as an application letter uses formal language to try and persuade an organization to offer you a job. Most organizations seek to know more about your skills and academic prowess through a cover letter or a curriculum vitae.

A cover letter should be precise without having to beat around the bush about who you are and why you want the job. These are the elements that you should incorporate in your cover letter to make it look good.

Both addresses.

It should have an address of the organization where you want to apply for the job and your address. Your address is usually written at the top corner of the right side of the paper. The address of the organization is usually written on the left side after skipping a line from your address.

The salutation.

You can write a letter to an organization but you have no idea who will be reading your letter. The trick to use is to salute whoever you will be writing the letter to as sir or madam.

The reference.

It indicates details of the job position that you are applying for depending on the job advertisement that you saw.

The body.

The first paragraph involves writing a request seeking to get the job that was advertised for by the organization.

In the second paragraph, describe who you are including your achievements and skills that make you fit for the job opportunity. Highlight what you intend to do to make the organization that you will be working for a success if you get the position.

The last paragraph includes letting the organization know that you are hoping to hear from them soon. Here, you remind the organization that you have attached your testimonials as part of the application process.

Always remember to thank the organization for taking time to read your cover letter.

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