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Kenyan USA Pilot Now A Garbage Collector

In life opportunity comes ones .If you are unable to utilize it well you end up moving to the wrong lane .After he finished his schooling he got a job as a curbin crew at Kenya Airways .He later worked at Wilson Airport for years .

"I used to serve tea,snacks and other foods in the plane but my interest was being a pilot ."Samwel Mwawato says .

Samwel later got a scholarship through Methodist Church and went abroad to study .He joined Pegasus flying school in 1990 where he studied piloting .

After 15 years he came back to Kenya to start his life again and become a pilot . Unfortunately to become a pilot in Kenya he needed to work 10 hours both day and night for his licence to be renewed .He also needed sh.500,000 .

Unfortunately he was only able to work at daytime which made him disqualified .Samwel now works as a garbage collector in a certain organization ."Am happy because am now working ."He says .

Unfortunately his American wife and children were left in USA where they even changed their phone calls .When he came to Kenya he married again but his second wife left him because of financial constraints .

Content created and supplied by: CarolKibet (via Opera News )

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