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Great News To Civil Servants & Teachers As Government Makes Changes on NHIF Admissions

Covid-19 pandemic has left a very bad legacy in the country.Many families have been left desolate and traumatised after losing close family members.Luckily,the Government is in a rush to vaccinate millions of Kenyans before the situation gets out of hand.On a positive note,the infections rate has drastically reduced in the country.

Talking about Covid-19 pandemic, Kenyans had initially piled pressure for the government to allow NHIF card holders to use their cards for treatment against the infections.However, the Government felt that this would be so much costly.The civil servants and the teachers have always had themselves receive good treatments without spending much courtesy of the Insurance Provider.

It is now huge reprieve for the Civil Servants who are in job groups A to K or grades 17 to 10.Initially,these employees have had the Government restrict them to specific hospitals on referral basis.This has now changed.The medical provider has now allowed the Government's lower income earners to choose any hospitals that they can feel comfortable being treated at.This is in deed a huge reprieve for them as it will reduce other expenses such as transportation costs.

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