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Condoms Sales Drop As Countries Enact Stay At Home Orders

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Coronavirus continues to cripple economies as most businesses were forced to shut down due to stay at home orders to avoid the spread of the virus.

Several countries have enacted lockdowns and stay at home orders thus limiting social interactions among people.

Condom factories continue to writhe from the effect of the pandemic as they register fall in sales due to the stay at home orders.

Durex Company which manufactures condoms noted that the sales of condoms had fallen in most markets due to reduced sexual activities brought by social distancing practices.

The company noted that the order had reduced the number of casual sex as people can no longer have casual hook-ups.

The reduction in the rate of condom usage has also been attributed to anxiety caused by the virus even among couples who stay together and are not affected by social distancing rules.

There has been a global condom shortage after Malaysia, the world’s major producer of condoms was placed on lockdown.

The world’s largest condom producer, Karex closed three factories warning of global shortage of the essential commodity.

Condom shortage is expected to have an impact on developing countries where it is used as a family planning method

The United Nations warned that shortage of condoms would lead to more cases of unwanted pregnancies in the developing countries.

The production and sale of condoms is however expected to shoot after lifting of lockdowns just like it did in China soon after the city of Wuhan was opened.

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