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Pauline Njoroge Deserves Better

Pauline Njoroge - Photo from Pauline Njoroge's Facebook account.

Jubilee Party blogger Pauline Njoroge finally got rewarded for loyalty to Jubilee, Kieleweke faction. Unfortunately a viral Facebook post about Nairobi National Park led to revocation by Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

Revoking Njoroge's appointment as a member of the Tourism Regulatory Authority board is a slap on the face to political bloggers who get themselves in dirty waters for their political outfits. Standard Group journalist Najma Ismail can't match Pauline's input in Jubilee even if she wanted.

Njoroge and Ismail are both journalists, but Njoroge is what every politician needs. The duty of political bloggers is tearing down what they don't believe in.

Bloggers are always misused and dumped once politicians get into power. Their opponents brand them as just watu wa WhatsApp, Kenyans on Twitter and so on.

Njoroge isn't alone. Many have lost opportunities and jobs due to posts. If we aren't careful more will lose too.

Unfortunately politicians with bad history, corrupt past and other things that are unwanted in leadership get jobs without revocation.

Youths must reject little money to spoil their names and be more mature as they spanner for their masters. It is easier said than done.

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