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Buyers Beware- Funny Photos of What Was Ordered Online Versus Reality

Buyers in the current ever changing world have diverse options for shopping. Online shopping was initially reserved for the chosen few who had to strictly transact via credit cards. The digital market is radically evolving and there are more flexible payment options for buyers. Payment modes such as Mpesa mobile banking has made it possible for buyers and sellers from all sectors of the economy to trade digitally. The internet has made it possible for most buyers to save time and the hussle of physically strolling from one street to the next hoping to find their desired goods and products. With just a click of a finger they are able to surf through the internet,identify the item they want,negotiate with the seller,transact and eventually the item is delivered at their door step.

Trading online is not always a fun affair. At times looks can be deceiving. What is posted online might be totally different once it is actually delivered to the client Some sellers especially those selling ladies clothes normally tend to accentuate their clothes to create a false image that will attract potential buyers.A wide dress for instance might be cleverly pinned from behind to create a smaller waist for the model which is more attractive and enticing. Some colours of clothes on the internet can be a bit confusing. One might order a light blue dress but what is delivered is a dark blue version of what they wanted. Also buyers ought to know their body shape type and size. Some women are pear shaped,apple,straight and some have the glamorous hour glass figure.The following are hilarious photos of what was ordered Versus what was actually delivered.

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