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Meet Annita Gracious, a University Graduate Selling Mboga and Bananas to Earn a Living (Photos)

Meet Annita Gracious, a university graduate selling vegetables and bananas to earn a living. She took this bold step after failing to secure a job. She is plausibly relishing her venture because she is the boss.

The beauty about employing yourself is that you maximize profit and minimize loss and this is what Gracious is doing. With time, she will soon be employing people in her kiosk. It's just a mater of time. Let's wish the best of the best in her business. 

"At times you have to forget that you are a graduate,put ur qualifications aside & hustle like a dropout. Never let ur papers make you a pauper💯✔," reads the post. 

At times you have to drop your degree and work like a dropout. If you are still waiting for a white-colar job, then my friend, I feel sorry for you. 

At times we fail to comprehend why some graduates tarmac for long when they can easily venture into a particular business. I know it is not that easy to start your own business, but you will have to due to the current situation in Kenya.

It might sound ridiculous seeing a university graduate selling eggs in streets. Yeah, it is so shamefully but you will have to do it because no one is willing to hire you. Those positions have been reserved for specific people.

Gone are the days when graduates used to secure a job off the bat after completing their studies. Things have drastically changed. The job positions being advertised on newspapers are posted for formalities. Getting a job in Kenya is like a nightmare. Students who scored good grades are suffering because of lack of connection and corruption.

Just think of a business idea, look for capital and start a business. No shortcut. That's a bitter truth.

Content created and supplied by: SamMunyaka (via Opera News )

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