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Online Businesses and basic tips against scam

The internet addiction is rising everyday and it will only kerk rising.

Well, this prompts initiatives from people create money making avenue for users .

The main aim of any online business is to get as many people as possible and to expand their reach , expanding their reach means getting more money from you .

A website visited will always have an ad revenue mostly from AdSense.

The basic is just to get more from you than what they will plan on giving.From experiences.

I tell you these honest companies are very low as people just want to have many people following or visiting their page or website ad the case may be , it leads to scammers .

Well let's get started

 1. A website will never pay you for visiting but for tasks you do for them , like sharing and clicking on ad based content.

.A website offering you a pay for visiting is flat out scam . They won't pay you the money earned .

 2. A website will always pay for referrals , it's expanding their reach and they will pay you little unless there are strings attached like in cash back sites.

 3. Traffic, you can be directing traffic to a site and get paid , it's a form of advertising the site .It varies from country though and URL shorteners are the main deal around here .

 4. Completing tasks

GPT sites (get paid to ) are definitely the best online money making machines.

simply because they require no skills whatsoever, just do what you are asked to do and get your money.

And because of these , at least ten different GPT sites are launched daily with 80% being scams .

They drive you , you help them and they won't pay you .

 My next article will be on the two types of internet earning...

Content created and supplied by: Mukabwa (via Opera News )



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