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How To Plant 1000 Red Or Green Peppers Plants And Get Good Money

I wish to show you, how to plant one thousand capsicums plants. On less than half acre of land, and get more than,one hundred thousand shillings.

There are different colours of capsicums, which you can grow, they are red, green or yellow. Red peppers are more nutritious than green peppers, but green peppers are more common, on Kenyan markets.

First, you need to buy, two hundred and fifty grams of capsicum seeds, from the agrovet. Prepare the seedbed and plant them. They will germinate after a week. They will take about a month, for the seedlings to be ready, for planting.

Another thing you should know, capsicums are not attacked, very much with pests. So, it will be easier, to manage them, and you will not spend a lot of money,to buy pesticides.

After planting the seedlings, on your less than half acre. The capsicums will take a few months, to start producing fruits. Wait until the fruits have ripen well, then start to harvest them.

One plant produces about, thirty to fify fruits of capsicums, in one plant. So, I am going to use thirty capsicums, in this case , to show you how, to get one hundred thousand shillings.

When you sell to somebody, who is going to sell them, on the market. You will sell,to him or her three capsicums for ten shillings. So, one plant will give you, one hundred shillings. Then multiply one thousand with, one hundred shillings, you will get, one hundred thousand shillings.

But if, you are going, to sell one capsicum, for five shillings. You will get, one hundred and fifty shillings from one plant.which is going to give you, more than one hundred thousand shillings.

I have used the least number, which a capsicum plant produces. But if,they give you more than thirty fruits, in one plant. Then you will get more than, one hundred and fifty thousand shillings.

Finally, practice this idea, it might help you, to improve your living standards in the society.

Content created and supplied by: geoffreymosigisi (via Opera News )

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