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Ongata Rongai: Business as Usual in Soko Mjinga Market

Soko Mjinga market in Ongata Rongai town, Kajiado County is on the spot yet again for the wrong reasons after violating the precautionary measures issued by the Ministry of Health together with the National government to fight coronavirus.

A spot-check today revealed just how it is business as usual to traders and buyers in this market.

For instance, the little water tanks set up along the entry and exit points in the market serve no purpose other than mere display.

No customer is compelled to wash or sanitize their hands before entering the market, leaving or even handling the products on sale.

The government emphasized on social distancing as one measure to stop coronavirus from spreading from one person to the other. However, that very measure is Greek along here as traders and customers mingle freely and at close distances.

Buyers were seen moving along the stalls, touching foodstuff without the slightest care of coronavirus infection, and moving on to the next stalls when they disagreed with sellers, leaving it for the next customer to come and handle it once again, without washing hands.

In such like environment, the spread of COVID 19 from one person to the next can thrive very fast and disastrous.

The county government of Kajiado should find a way of decongesting the place or move the traders to a bigger space where proper hygiene can be observed, or rather close it down.

Meanwhile, the market will be closed tomorrow 27th at noon time to allow the place fumigated.

Residents of Rongai have also been urged to vacate the streets by 7pm till 5am starting from tomorrow.

This is a directive from the government of Kenya which has imposed the curfew in the whole country, as one way of containing coronavirus from spreading.  

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