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These Are Some Of The Hilarious Names Of Estates In Nakuru Town

Nakuru town

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Nakuru town is the fourth city in Kenya and also one of the cheapest city one can live in. Some estates in Nakuru have weird and funny names that will surprise you.

Let's look at some of the most funny names of Nakuru estates.

Ponda Mali.

Ponda Mali is a nice name when translated it means " enjoy your wealth". Pondaa is a very busy locality equiped both with matatu terminal and market place.

Despite the name pointing at a leafy suburb that is associated with the rich, it is one of the largest slum in Nakuru.

Soko Mjinga.

Soko Mjinga estate is located in Nakuru town East constituency. Soko Mjinga is an informal open air market cum residential area.

The estate is characterised by congestion, disorganization and informal housing structures.

Shauri Yako.

It is a small estate located on the Southeastern of Nakuru town. The translation of the phrase shauri yako is " it's your problem" .


London estate has one of the best name tags in Nakuru but the funniest thing is, it doesn't really look like London it's name.

Located to the Northern end of Nakuru the estate is close to gioto dump site. It is also one of the noisiest suburbs in the entire Nakuru.


Shabaab is a big estate in Nakuru and popular because of its name. The name doesn't really sound good as one can easy relate it to al shabaab a terror group based in Somalia.

Shabaab estate is also among the busiest estates in Nakuru. It slightly neat with cheap houses.

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