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Bad News For 'Ka-Quarter' Alcohol Lovers as New Bill Proposed

A bill tabled in Parliament by Wundanyi MP, Danson Mwashako, could spell doom many alcohol lovers. Most Kenyan consumers enjoy the 250ml (ka-quarter) bottled alcoholic drinks due to their affordability. The bill seeks to change the minimum quantities of alcoholic beverages for sale from 250ml to 750ml. This means the price for the cheapest spirits would shoot up from as low as KSh 120 to KSh 360 and a bottle of beer increase from KSh 180 to KSh 270.

If Parliament approves the proposed amendments in the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, it will be illegal to sell alcoholic drinks, whether beers or spirits, in bottles of less than 750ml. According to Hon Mwashako, the principal objective of the Bill is to curb with the menace of excessive drinking due to the sale of cheap alcohol drinks in the the small volumes. The current minimum bottle size of 250ml is fairly affordable and has been blamed for fuelling alcohol consumption among the youth.

The changes will see the Alcoholic Drinks industry take a hit after consumption dropped due to restrictions of entertainment spots due to covid-19. Industry players also fear that the move will see them incur more costs as they need to recalibrate their machines. Some also argue against the move, noting the higher prices per bottle might push the youth to cheap unregulated drinks such as chang'aa. 

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