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List of Names To Avoid This Festive Season- Opinion

The festive season are here with us, during this time many party all night and all day with less thinking of the aftermath of the celebrations.

In the past people have been celebrating Christmas with their families up country, traveling during this season is always in the rise with transportation fare rising on a daily basis.

Many are known to spend almost all their earnings and savings during the year on luxurious vacations.

However things might be different this year as the outbreak of the deadly corona virus that has wrecked havoc across the world.

Many have been advised not to travel up country to avoid spreading the deadly corona virus to their elderly parents back in rural areas.

Many in the rural areas and towns however have a trick of getting money alcohol from people back in the village.

Here are some names to Avoid during this season if you want to have some pennies come January.

1. Mkubwa

2. Tajiri yangu

3. Mzito

4. Mtu wangu

5. Kiongoss

6. Chairman

7. Boss yangu

8. Director

9. Mkurugenzi

10. Buda Boss


12. Munene

13. Senior

14. Kaka

15. Gavana

16. Mutongoria

17. Mhesh

18.Big Man Bazuu

19. Bazuu

Let's enjoy the festivities responsibly bearing in mind that children will be going back to schools on January.

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Buda Boss Mkurugenzi Mtu wangu Mzito Tajiri


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