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What KCB's Free Ksh 1500 is All About

The deadline for KCB Bank's Free Kes 1500 is almost coming to an end and that this article brings you good news on this cash. This free funds was launched by KCB bank in partnership with UAP Old Mutual to enable all the eligible KCB bank users smile during thus trying moments when Covid-19 has adversely hit the country's economy. I understand that to get any free chance and opportunities this time is a great boost especially which deals with finances, the reason this good news is worth big smile. Over couples of months, the country's money circulation has severely dropped following the impacts of the ongoing global pandemic and this has made KCB bank offer this upper hand to its eligible users.

The deadline for this funds won't collapse before this information reaches you today as it started to be enroled on 1st June and expected to be closed on 30th Novermber, 2020.This means that its your high time to go for it as its a macro oportunity especially to those families from humble backgrounds to even those who lost their jobs. This funds is refered to as Covid-19 Funds and this article shows you how to acquire it. The cash comes to all those KCB users who have been using the bank's Mortgage service. You will see how to apply and get it below.


This funds are meant to victims of Civid-19 and below are the requirments:

1, Mortgage application form, fully signed

2, Original ID/Passport with your copies

3, Bank statement for at least six months

4, Your 3 months pay slips

5, Provide your Sale agreement or letter of offer( this is for purchase Mortgage only)

6. A Letter of introduction from employer 

Once you have filled, attached and submit all these to KCB bank, a representative will contact you in the case of further information. Share widely, comment and follow.

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