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KCB Free Kes 1500 to Morgage Customers Deadlines at Hand, Grab Yours Today

KCB bank is the leading Commercial Bank in Kenya offering the best financial services to all its customers. It is well known as it has many branches all over the country making it easy to attract many customers due to easy accessibility.

Moreover, KCB is one of the best contributors of Kenya's economic growth. This might be both directly and indirectly. When a company lends a shoulder to less fortunate children to lean on by offering education scholarships, this is indirect contribution of economic growth.

Furthemore, the bank has been contributing directly and this is by lending loans to both its customers and non-customers. This has greatly helped many to promote their business, purchase business or farming equipments and even building their good homes thus improving their living standards.

During this season of Covid-19, KCB bank in partnership with UAP Old Mutual introduced a new service of offering free Kshs 1500 to all customers who have been actively using morgage services. This was to help those people affected with the disease and their family members. The offer will end on 30th November 2020 which is only 5 days to go.


In addition, the offer was purposely meant for those people who have contracted Corona Virus. This is to help them seek for medication as well as providing the needs of their families.

For you to acquire this offer which will change your worries into happiness, you are only required to submit the documentation below to the bank.

a) Fully signed Mortgage application form.

b) Original and copies of identification card or passport.

c) Bank statement for at least six months

d) Three months pay slips

e) Sales agreement or letter of offer which only applies to purchase Mortgage.

f) Letter of introduction from employer to confirm your employment.

Finally, as soon as you submit all the required documents, the bank will go through them carefully before giving you funds and as soon as they approve, you will immediately receive your money.

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