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Meet the most decorated youtuber.

YouTube is a platform in which users share their videos to their followers. While some people open YouTube channel just because of money, others do so because they have the passion to make videos. This is now what separates real youtubers from those who just make videos for the sake of it. YouTube is a platform in which most people have embraced now more than ever before and it has created multimillionaires. One such YouTuber who has amassed a huge subscribers because of the quality and unique contents is non other than Jimmy Donaldson. His social media name which is even more famous than his original name is Mr Beast. He is one guy who normally does YouTube videos out of passion. Mr Beast is an American YouTuber commanding a subscriber count of over 40,000,000 and still counting. The reason people love him is because he is one of the most philanthropic YouTubers. He likes videos centering on challenges in which winners walk away with whooping some of money. From opening free bank account to buying all grocery store and give out the items for free. Indeed, he is on the league of his own. He invests heavily in his videos and it never goes in vain. To whom much is given much is expected. Since he offers unique videos and has understood what the subscribers expect from him, he never dissapoints. After uploading a video on YouTube, it normally generates more than 10,000,000 viewership in less than 24 hours with a huge number of likes on the videos. Fans are normally in love with his contents and keep wanting more and more. One of the unique challenges he did was awarding someone 1,000,000 dollars. This was after the person won last to leave challenge in a challenge in which all contestants were to hold a glass container containing money. This is a heavy investment and mind boggling but he always has a way of redeeming back his money through the videos and sponsorships. He is considered smartest YouTuber as he identified untouched market and decided to come full swing through it and he penetrated. To get recognition requires uniqueness and he got it.

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