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Opinion: Expert Tricks to Master If You Want to Make Correct Predictions

1. Deriving Safe Predictions from Correct Score predictions.

Correct score predictions have high chances of being void but they possess good odds. When given a correct score, derive your own safe prediction from it.

For example. Given a Correct score of 1:1, you can place a full time result of draw which the game can result into a draw of 0:0 or 2:2.

Given a Correct score of 3:1 , you can predict an outcome of Over 3.5 goals, Home win or even handicap (0-1) home win.

2. Always Do your Own research and Analysis.

Before making your prediction on an event, first research on the recent trend of the event and compare with the past statistics.

Analyse the results and come up with trend analysis of the event.Based on the results obtained, determine the probability of the results being consistent. If the results are consistent, go ahead and make your prediction.

3. Don't rely on analysis from prediction Websites.

While some online prediction websites provide sure predictions,others provide wrong and misleading predictions. You may end up making wrong prediction if you rely on wrong analysis.

It is highly recommended that you should not sorely rely on predictions from online websites but you can use them in your analysis. This will assist you to come up with better analysis of the events hence making correct prediction.

4. Never be guided by the Odds. Let the team ability from your research and analysis guide your prediction.

A team can be given very big odds due to its low position in the table standings and another team given very small odds of winning due to its better position in the table. Many people rush to predict their that the team with low odds will win while research and analysis shows that the team with big odds is stronger.

Upon playing the game, the team with big odds wins due to their ability thus a person who was guided by the odds ends up being proven wrong.

It is highly recommended that you should make your predictions based on team ability and analysis.

5.When predicting a multi -bet, do not exceed 6 Selections.

It is advisable that when predicting the outcomes of a multi-bet, your selections should not exceed 6. The higher the number of selections, the higher the chances of one prediction being wrong.

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