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(Opinion) The Psychological Effects Of Gambling: The Need For It To Included In The School Curriculum

Do you know someone who has sunk into a depression to the extent of contemplating suicide because of losing huge amounts of money he used in gambling expecting to make a fortune in a snap of a finger?

A few years ago, gambling was not a threat to society as it was only a preserve to the rich people who could walk into gambling zones and flash out large sums of money just as a form of leisure.

Technological advancements have now made it easier for people to play lottery games in the comfort of their homes. This has been made possible with the introduction of the mobile banking system where clients can borrow money and try their luck.

Increased advertisements being made by gambling sites have made it almost impossible not to consider gambling as one of the ways of making money.

The gambling sites however do not adequately insist on the concept of gambling responsibly. In many billboards, the print of the exclamation is often barely readable with naked eyes.

Society needs to be educated about the golden gambling rule that is; do not borrow to bet. Failure to acknowledge this principle has landed many people into running cat and mouse tricks with their financiers.

Despite the merits that come with gambling such as improvement of the sporting facilities, it has also resulted in the growing sporting irregularity commonly referred to as "match-fixing".

The bodies controlling gambling should come up with regulations to control the amount of money an individual can spend on gambling which should be directly proportional to his per capita income.

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