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Football betting

Reasons why your bets keep losing.

While some get rewarded handsomely some have had enough and vowed never to place a bet again. Where do you lie? Well if you are the second type, I have good news for you. This is why you are probably not winning.

A full analysis of football matches in order to arrive at the right decision is key. You dont just place because it is Barcelona or Manchester united playing. Teams have their form and once the form drops they get beaten. People who win analyse, they dont just stake.

Keep your favourite team out of your slip. Staking on your favourite team means that you will tend to show some partiality and this may make you lose.

Less games, high stake. This is one of the best way to win big. Avoid many games as they make the winning probability low.

Avoid buying tips. Study the game and analyse on your own. Furthermore if the tips were correct they would have just staked on them instead of selling them.

When you go to the site, place what you have analysed. Do not make a mistake of adding a game you did not analyse or changing a market or backing down because the odd is too big. Just place your games.

I hope you have learned why your slip does not win. Please rectify your mistake. I may have left one or two points, please feel free to add them in the comment section. Meanwhile feel free to try out this slip.

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