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Meet The Man Who Was Born Without Legs But Overcame All Odds To Become A Wrestler

We have heard stories of people who have overcome all odds and obstacles in life to achieve their dreams and goals in life. It seems we will never get enough of such and the more we live the more we get to know some of these people.

Zion Clark is the African American young man who is a beacon of inspiration to those who aspire to achieve their dreams in life.

He was born without legs and his parents had to give him out for adoption. He has overcome all odds and is even currently a wrestler. The rare medical condition he was born with is known as caudal regression syndrome but even after that, his dream and ambition never died.

Even growing up without legs, he fell in love with wrestling even right from a young age. He is even known by his popular tattoo on his back that reads 'no excuses' and spends most of his free time wrestling.

While in grade 2, Zion Clark says that his art's teacher encouraged him to take up the sport because he saw the potential in the young man despite his physical inability. He took the advice seriously and even begun wrestling in highschool.

Many years later, Zion Clark is a pro freestyle wrestler and trains severally to make sure he is completely fit and keeps good shape.

One of his major life principals is that there is absolutely no excuse for not doing what you ought to do. He has also participated in in wheelchair races and won several awards. At first wrestling was difficult and he lost many times but this only encouraged him to practice more and with time he became an expert in the area.

The story of Zion is indeed an inspiration to many that indeed disability is not inability and nothing should stop you from achieving what you want in life.

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African American Zion Clark


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