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Radio Lotteries That Kenyans Play Hoping To Win Big.

Kenya's local radio stations are the most listened to by kenyans. Covering more than 85 percent of Kenya's population and especially from rural areas. These radio stations including national radios and vernacular stations have incorporated their shows with daily money games, questions and Lotteries that appears easy to win.

Unsuspecting listeners usually fall into the trap of thinking that they are the only ones listening at the opportune time. This gives them the false hopes of winning and tempts them to send their hard earned money. Now here are the common Lotteries played.

1. "Win-Big" Questions

These "win-big" questions are normally asked almost every 5 minutes and usually interrupts the presenters important messages to listeners. The questions are also very cheap that anyone could answer thus appears to be "con-like" questions to siphon money from unsuspecting kenyans. They would even say send as many answers as you can thus forcing you to subscribe to alerts.

2. Sending messages to join a draw.

Kenyan listeners are usually asked to send a message to a certain code. The code is disguised as toll free and would not cost airtime to send your messages. This however will promt the sender to subscribe to certain flash alerts Inorder to win. The flash alerts will cost the subscriber ksh 10 to 20 per sms received. Some radio listeners wonder how their airtime depletes easily while they are subscribed to more than 10 such alerts.

3. Sending amounts to Pay bills to win Big

While this one is just like betting, the probability of winning is 1 in a million. Listeners are usually asked to send between ksh 50 and 1000 inorder to have a chance of winning huge amounts of money but it's not always true.

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