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Opinion: Why Winning a Jackpot Is a Nightmare

Unless you are a lucky person, jackpots have proven to be extra difficult to win in the recent years. Well, you might think that with deep analysis everything is going to come out as planned, but there is more to that. We are taking about luck here, betting is all about luck as much as you have to analyse the teams. As we all know, jackpots are not a joke at all. They need full attention because once lucky you kiss poverty good bye. The last won jackpot was three years ago. Below are for main reasons why jackpot is hard to predict.

1. Too many teams.

It is not a joke at all to predict the outcome of 17 games correctly. Too many selected teams can make you scratch your head in an effort to predict the outcome. This means that it will also cost you alot of money in terms of purchasing bundles to do a research. For sure too many teams is one reason why jackpot games will never be won.

2. Unknown teams.

Most of the betting sites select teams which are less likely to be familiar with gamblers. The teams will make any gambler confused on which team to bet on between the two. This obviously means a loss for the gambler and profits for the betting firms hence making jackpot a no go zone for less experienced gamblers.

3. Odd differences.

Most teams selected for jackpots have odd differences of 2.00 - 2.10. This makes it hard to know which team will come out victorious. Odds sometime do help in foretelling a team's outcome. But as for the jackpot, it can mean a draw or any of the teams to win of which is unknown to you even with a deep analysis.

4. Betslips.

Most people only create one betslips and hope to win in jackpots. This can never work, it's almost impossible. One secret of atleast getting the bonus is creating multiple betslips, for to five betslips depending on how deep your pockets are. You should always come up with multiple betslips as a serious gambler otherwise jackpot money will never come your way hence remaining a nightmare to you.

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