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Three Mistakes You Should Always Try to Avoid if You want to Bet Responsibly and Still win Big Money

Betting is currently considered an alternative source of income by many sports lovers not only in Kenya but also globally. While it is a lucky source of huge sums of money from just little stakes, betting can be very addictive. It is therefore advisable that gamblers should be very cautious on decisions they make when putting their stakes. Here are three mistakes you should always try to avoid in responsible gambling/betting.

1. Never Gamble with what you cannot afford to lose

Many at times we've heard reports of individuals losing money meant for very special occasions. We've heard of students losing their school fees, treasurers losing Sacco funds and family members losing money meant to pay bills. Please be cautious, do not let too much greed lead you into throwing away money meant for important occasions. When betting, only use what you won't regret losing, that is what you can afford to lose. If you are addicted to betting, I'd advice you try to avoid handling money for important events, just to be safe.

2. Betting Repeatedly after Losing

Another big mistake most gamblers make, that leads them to unfortunately losing almost all their money is betting again and again after a series of loses. Someone will bet like 10 or 20 times in a day. What these bet addicts do is, place another new bet , every moment a single team spoils their bet slip. This is a very poor trend especially when you have money in M-PESA. And by the way, if you are addicted to betting, please try to avoid having money in you mobile money platforms.

3. Avoid too many teams on your bet slip

Earlier on, I had given readers a clue on how to win big money on bets. You don't need to win millions by the way, you can as well just double your money and still make good profit if your stake is high enough. I'd therefore advise gamblers not to pile up their bet slips with like a 30-40 matches then expect miracles. Just find like a thousand bob, chose teams of 10 or less odds then put your money.

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