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Bad News To Gamblers And Betting Companies As Government Issues This

Following the directive from the cabinet secretary of finance,the government is likely to set impose a huge tax to betting and gambling companies in Kenya.It can be remembered that the government of Kenya had initially imposed a twenty percent taxation for every individuals stake of atleast one hundred shillings.

However,the tax was later uplited in favour of gamblers following the mutual agreement between the government of Kenya and gambling companies.The government is currently planning to resume the same taxation rate of twenty percent per atleast a stake of one hundred Kenyan shillings.This will be actually hectic to both the gamblers and gambling companies.

In addition,the betting companies will also be eligible to file yearly taxes of fifteen percent of the total of the gross income earned from betting.This will be actually not an easy task for them as was witnessed prior.

What is your take on this as a gambler? Share your opinion.

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