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Heartbroken Man Down In Tears After Losing This Huge Amount Of Money In Gambling

A man who seems to have decided to invest all his savings in gambling so maybe to multiply it and make it huge was left crying as he had remained with nothing after it all.

After placing a bet with cash amounting to 23,000 shillings and was now relaxing waiting for his cash to multiply and come out big but unlucky things did not go as he planned.

Things went astray as the outcome of the game he placed with his money was not as he expected making him to lose all his cash he used to play the game.

He was really heartbroken and was not able to control his emotions after the football bet went wrong as he invest all the money he had in the game.

The young man was recorded in a video crying uncontrollably at the gambling center after he lost all his ksh 23,000.

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