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Best Wednesday GG Analysis That Has More Than 100 Odds

Andorra and Hungary

Andorra verses Hungary . Andorra hosting Hungary at home both teams will not score in the match only Hungary to score. Greece verses Georgia. Greece hosting Georgia both teams to score in the game according to the past history of both teams each team always score in game. In last few games they have played Greece and Georgia have missed to score.

Spain And Kasovo

Spain hosting Kasovo at home. Both teams won't score in the game. Only Spain to score in the game . Spain has more chances of scoring more goals in the game. Spain to win the game with more than one goal.lithuania verses Italy. Both teams to score in the game since the two teams off late have been performing superb in previous matches.

Scotlands and Faroe islands

Scotland hosting Faroe islands at home. Both teams to score in the game. Both teams have good history of scoring in the they have meet. Scotland to score more goals than Faroe islands. Moldova and isreal. Isreal and Moldova must must score in the game. Isreal to score more goals than Moldova in the game.

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Andorra Faroe Greece Hungary Spain


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