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Four Mistakes That You Should Avoid When Placing A Bet

Over resent years, betting has attracted many Kenyans as evidenced by increased in number of betting companies. It is important to note that betting is prohibited to persons under the age of 18 years and is also highly addictive.

There are more than 15 betting companies in Kenya today and many more are being established daily. It is of no doubt that increased in number of betting sites means that this firms are making good profit out of their customers.

Profit to a betting company means that the customers are losing bets in large numbers. I therefore identified some of the mistakes that people do leading to loss of bets in large numbers:

(1) Avoid too many tickets in one multi bet

It is important to note that there is no bet of any kind that has no risk unless if it is a fixed one which I don't believe exist. Increasing number of games in a single multi bet increases the risk hence chances of loosing is higher. When placing a bet, go for a single bet rather than multi bet or reduce number of picks as possible let's say up to five teams.

(2) Avoid mixing teams with bigger odds with those with smaller odds in a multi bet.

It is very hurting to have a team of less than 1.3 odds losing in a multi bet that has most of the team with more than 2+ odds. It is therefore important to go for odds that are of same range in a multi bet.

(3) Go for 'Draw no Bet (DNB)' market rather than 'Three way (1×2)' market

Draw no bet has two markets hence reduces the risk of losing compared to three way which has three markets.

(4) Avoid live bet

Live bet can lead to loss of money within a very short time and this may cause stress. One may end up spending all the money in the account in order to recover the lost one and ends up with empty account. Go for running bets rather than live bet.

Putting the above advise into consideration when placing a bet will increase the chances of winning but note that bet is win/loss game.

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