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Man Allegedly Wins Millions on Betway and Meets Soulmate Same Day

A certain man who is said to have won millions of money amounting to Sh 4m has left people surprised and mouth watering after living largely moments after the win.

The unnamed man is said to have bagged the money from Betway betting platform after all his predictions on various matches turning out to be correct.

As the money alone was not enough,the man also won himself a soulmate with whom they are seen having the best of their lives here in earth.

It is true that money sometimes bring happiness into one's life as with it one is able to afford some luxuries that poverty can't allow.

While many might think the man is not being wise by getting himself a partner immediately after winning,to him it is just what he might have been praying for all the time he didn't have money.

What are your views?Is it wise to spend money won through betting site on a woman or one should invest first?

Below are some of their photos as they enjoyed themselves;

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