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Best Midweek Jackpot Matches Analysis To Win You Immensely And 100% Accurately Analysed

Shimizu verses Oita

Shimizu was the host of the game hosting Oita in the game. Shimizu played well and managed to win the game against Oita. Shimizu has managed to play well in the last precedent matches and last match fixture had draw with Yokohama of 1-1 in the game. The match was tough on both sides but Finally Shimizu tried to come out with three points in the game. Both teams had high chances of Scoring more than two goals each team but finally GG could not take place in the game.

Oita had played well in the game but scoring of goals they couldn't manage to do it well I'm the game. Both finally after 90 minutes they managed to identify the winner of the game. Shimizu had 2.10 odds in the game. Hacken won the match against Aik in the game.czech republic lost the match against Denmark in the game 2-1 in the game.

La verses Kansas city

La had hosted Kansas City in the game. Kansas City won the match. Kansas City had 2.63 odds in the game. The match was tough but finally Kansas won the match.

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Aik Kansas City Midweek Oita Shimizu


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