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You will never lose your bet if you follow these rules

Gambling has become viral in many countries. Some people gamble bacause they want to increase their income and improve their standards, while others take it as a hobby and does it for fun

However, for those who gamble to increase their income, most of them end up losing their money in many occasions when they bet. In this article, I am going to show you how to win your bet and increase your money. It's simple, just do the following:

1.Do game analysis

Always analyse the games you want to stake on before betting, some people lose their bets because they just bet with their minds. For example, if Liverpool is playing West Ham United, look at their head to head results, current form, team news and formation. This will help you to come up with the correct market for the game.

2.Avoid too much selections

Always try as much as possible to avoid many teams in your bet slip. Too much selections increase the chance of losing your bet. For example, your bet slip has 10 games and by bad luck, only one game let's you down, you will regreat but the money will have gone. Always play with a maximum of 4 teams unless otherwise.

3.Stake high

Stake high in your bet and win big. For example Some people stake Ksh.10 and want a possible win of Ksh.2000, this means that you have to bet on ma ny games in order to achieve your target, this way, you will lose your bet easily. Take this example, two people are betting on the same games with same odds let's say 5 odds, one who stakes 100 can win upto 400 while one who stakes 1000 has a chance to win 4000. Ensure you have a high stake when gambling

4. Don't bet on favour of your team

Some fans believe in their supportive teams too much such that they always put them in the selection when game, am sure you will lose your bet easily if you perform this

5. Avoid buying games

Some people pretend that they sale fixed games. I assure you there is nothing like fixed games. What this people do is that, they select games, analyse them and then sell them. Have you ever asked yourself this question,: if this people are sure of the games, why can't they stake and win on their own?, they know the games are not 100% sure, so they ask to sell them to you and in most cases, the games don't go as predicted.

If you adhere to the above procedures, you will be winning your bets easily.

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