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Sunday Best GG Analysis With More Than 70 Odds And Over 1.5

Santa Clara verses Nacional

Santa Clara welcoming his opponent team Nacional. Both teams to score each team at least one goal in the game. Santa Clara has 1.75 odds while Nacional has 5.50 odds. Both teams to draw has 3.70 odds. My prediction Santa Clara to be victorious in the game with more than two goals. Santa has more than 75% chances of winning the game.

Lech poznan verses Legia

Both teams to score in the game. Lech poznan has 3.60 odds while Legia has 2.05 odds. Both teams to draw in the first half while in second half Legia to win the game according to my analysis. Chances of the two teams drawing in the match is less than 10% in case miracles happen in the game for the two teams to draw.

Pasto verses Ca Junior

Pasto and the opponent team. The game kick off at 12th April at 01.40 hours. Both teams not to score in the match. Only Pasto to score in the game only in second half. Both teams to draw in the first half in the match according to my opinion. Colo Colo verses O Higgins. The game kick off at 03.00 on date 12 the April. Both teams to score in the game. Colo Colo to win the game. Share and comment on my channel, thank you in advance.

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Ca Junior Lech Legia Nacional Pasto


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