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How to Bet on Football

Football is that the world’s hottest sport, with the Premier League alone attracting an estimated worldwide cumulative audience of 2 billion.

Perhaps it’s no surprise that when it involves football betting, there are now more and more ways to bet.


Let’s start with the fundamentals .

The most common thanks to get on a football match is that the match result bet.

This is sometimes referred to as 1X2 bet.

What is a 1X2 bet?

For the uninitiated, a 1X2 bet can seem confusing.

However, it’s fairly self-explanatory, simply pertaining to the result of the match.

A match can only have three outcomes the house team wins, the match finishes during a draw, or the away team wins.

1X2 simply covers off of these outcomes.

1 = Home team wins

X = The draw

2 = Away team wins


If a possible match outcome looks tilted towards one side, some bettors like better to try their luck with handicap betting.

How does handicap betting work?

Handicap betting takes goal differentials between teams under consideration , handing one side a supposed advantage before a match kicks off.

Here’s an example of handicap betting:

Liverpool are playing Brighton within the Premier League.

In a handicap bet, you'll back Liverpool to win the sport , while starting the match with a -1 handicap.

In this example, Liverpool would need to win the match by a minimum of two clear goals for the bet to achieve success .

If you opted to back Liverpool to win with a -2 handicap, they might got to win by a minimum of three clear goals, and so on.

Handicap betting is usually a well-liked choice in matches involving an important favourite.


What is double chance?

Put simply, double chance allows you to scale back the danger when depending on the result of a game, by allowing the bettor to put a back two different outcomes at an equivalent time.

Double chance bets offer less generous odds, but a far higher chance of winning.

How does double chance betting work?

Here’s a working example:

Barcelona are playing Real Madrid, with both teams knowing a win will seal them the title.

With a double chance bet, you'll back both of the 2 sides to require the win.

Provided the match doesn't finish during a draw, you'd win your bet.

Is double chance an equivalent as draw no bet?

No. In draw no bet betting, the result of a draw is faraway from three-way markets.

That means with the choice of the draw removed, the bettor has got to pick either the house or away win.

How does draw no bet work?

In the draw no bet scenario, if your selection doesn’t win, but the match ends during a draw, your stake are going to be returned in effect meaning you neither win nor lose.

In an accumulative bet, if your selection doesn’t win, but the match ends during a draw, that selection are going to be void and therefore the bet will stand on the remaining selections.

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