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The good, the bad and the ugly about gambling.

Gambling is a type of game where one predicts the outcome of a certain event. In the case that their prediction is correct the gambler wins otherwise they lose.

It is advisable that one uses spare cash to gamble .You should not gamble using money meant for important things like school fees,rent ,food or clothing.

Gambling like any other game in the world has its pros and cons:

The Good;

You can easily make a lot of money from gambling in one go without having to struggle or work hard. You could rise from poverty to riches within a very short period of time. Remember that this only happens to a few lucky individuals.

The bad;

You may place a bet and lose terribly. This can be very bad especially if you gambled with a huge sum of money. Such occurrences can make you feel bad and lower your self esteem.

The Ugly;

Some forms of gambling are illegal but nobody will tell you that. Unless you exercise caution while gambling, you may learn this after law enforcement officers arrest you.

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Gambling The Good


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