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Are there fixed matches?

Nearly 83% of Kenyan youth gamble. This is according to a Geopoll report. Football betting being the main platform. With promising jackpots, Youths try their luck.

However, there are a number of individuals who claim to have predetermined results of matches, and are willing to sell the odds as long as you are willing to dig deep in your pocket. How cool is that, imagine having result before the start game. But before you buy this Odds, the question that should be on your mind:are this games legit?

First of all, to fix a match you'll have to infiltrate 22 players, 4 officials and 2 coaching staffs which is tricky because the more the people, the more the chances of having results you want, and the more chances of you being exposed.Fixer's could be prosecuted for sports crime if fished out.with this information in mind less people are willing to involve themselves with the activity.

The perpetrators claiming to sell this matches will for instance, try and build confidence between them and you by showing you a screenshot of their humongous winnings.beware, this results are manipulated through editing.One critical question you need to ask yourself is, why would anyone tell you about a supposed 'fixed match'? If they know the game is fixed, why don't they borrow a truckload of cash and stake heavily on it?

In short, 'fixed game' are a scam.why else tell you that when a game fails, you'd get another? The meaning of fixed game is that it has a probability of 0% chance of failing.

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