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6 Satanism of Betting

Betting is a dangerous activity which majority of the youth is drowning into. Gamblers work hard to earn income only to let their hard earned income to vanish into betting industry. The betting companies are inserting millions of shillings each day. It is satanism because it has led to more negative than positive impacts. Here are seven negative impacts of betting.

1. Poverty

Investing your income into betting is a direct ticket to poverty. You will never grow in life. Poverty will strike you hard like a thieve in the night. Before developing addiction, leave betting with a speed of light. If you are already rich, it will bring your bank account into nothing. Stay away from betting and you will grow rich.

2. Depression

The constant loosing of bets will trigger stress which may result into depression. It is good to avoid betting from the very beginning, so that you live a happy and joyful life. It is an habit that ones developed, it will not be easy to stop.

3. Suicide

Betting can also be dead sentence if yo are not betting responsibilly. Loosing money that you cannot afford, triggers suicidal tendencies especially among the youth. If 6oi are 5o bet, just use money which you cannot afford to loose. Winning is not guarantee in betting.

4. Marriage breakups

This is common phenomenon among the gamblers. It will reach a point where one partner decides to bet with all the money meant for daily family needs. It will bring disagreement which may result into breakups. Take care especially when you already have a family.

5. Addiction

Daily betting will develop addiction over which you will find hard escaping the chains. Addiction is dangerous habit which will waste your entire life on Earth.

6. Lack of socialization

Once you are addicted, it will be hard for you to have friends. Your great friend is betting website.

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