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The impact of fixed matches in betting

Does fixed matches influence the results of the matches?

Many people ask what is fixed matches? Many people have different answers on this question. For this topic, fixed matches are games influenced by interest groups to produce known results to them. These groups might be clubs management, bookies or players themselves. In fixed matches players go to field when they know the final results of the match they going to play.

I and my friends we initially argued that fixed matches does not exist. This debate of fixed matches took a long period of time to come to an end. Even us like other people we were wondering whether fixed matches exist or not. We came to a conclusion that fixed matches exist after meeting a friend from Nigeria in a university. This friend of ours was a specialist in fixed matches.

After staying with our friend from Nigeria for a long time we noticed that fixed matches influence gambling at large. Our friend from Nigeria started supplying to us fixed matches which won us 18 bets in a row! This made our friends from the university to terms us as illuminati. I saw people failing their bets now and then from favourite matches as a result of fixed matches. I felt pity for them. From there I learned that I cannot stake my penny without a fixed match.

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