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"Call it Investing not Gambling". 3 Advantages of Gambling

The late king of country music, Kenny Rodgers in his best selling song The Gambler talks of a gambler who knows the tricks of survival.

Gambling has been on the spotlight and parents have been discouraging their children againist gambling. There are many forms of gambling which include playing cards casinos and betting. I personally call it investing because first you cannot lose all the time. You lose twice and win one big time.

Advantages of gambling include:

(i) It saves you from negative addictions. Gambling needs your time and energy. You have to learn the trends of the gambling site you are intrested in. In using your time and energy in learning the secrets of survival in gambling you save your self from dangerous addictions such as drugs.If it is betting you have to learn the trends of the teams you want to bet for. You have to learn the tricks for survival like the Kenny Rodgers Gambler's gambler.

(ii) Introduces you to new people. For example casino gambling has its pros and each pro knows a pro. Gambling will connect you to cery many people who are interested in the same gambling site just as you.

(iii) Most importantly gambling is investing. You lose today you win tomorrow. Gambling is more of ensuring that there is cash flow in your pocket. Some say gambling money goes back to gambling but most men stock their apartments from betting money.

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