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What You Didn't Know About Gambling

Gambling is a game that was introduced in14th century that is 500 BC. And the first person to introduced it was poker in China and later the remains of dice were found in Paleolithic in Mesopotamia in Egypt.

it's addicted to when its introduce to it, most people lose their lives in U.S. every year because of gambling, not that they don't know how to play but because their time has not come to win. Gambling is one of the worst thing if you're addicted to and if your not careful you can end up selling your property. 

I have an experience, have been addicted to slot machine every time l got my salary the first place to go to from work was gambling. L could end up losing 3000ksh per day out of my salary of 15000ksh, l could wake up very early in the morning only to go and play gambling, breakfast and lunch sometimes l could forget.

Have suffered a lot and even buying things that can help me l could do because l was highly addicted. I remember there was a time l bought a new phone worth 10000ksh, it didn't take long before l put it in gambling that day l loose 8000ksh. The amount l signed for gambling was less because l wanted to retrieve my money back but all in all was in vanity l ended up losing More.

If you want something in future a void gambling now l can count what have bought with my salary. You will realize that out of a million only 10% win the gambling, bits for the lucky people not all person can win. 

Change your style by avoiding gambling. The only thing you can do plan with your money first have a fixed budget, and try also to avoid those gambling places if you want peace in your family. If you didn't know this know it today that all gambling money you can't do something, and you count they are cursed currency.

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