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The Pieces Of Chess Game

The game of chess is a battle between two players with sixteen pieces each. The ultimate motive of the game is to checkmate the opponents king so that it can't move. It is played over a board of 32 squares.

Pieces are moved to an empty square or a square occupied by opponent's piece which is then captured and removed from the board.

Today, we will begin by looking at a piece called pawn. A pawn is a piece of the smallest size and value. It moves one square forward along its file or one square diagonally forwards when making a capture. However, it can move two squares in its first move.

interestingly, a pawn can be promoted to become any other piece(in most cases a queen) if it reaches the opponents end of the board

The diagram below shows how a pawn can move and capture the opponents pieces

In my next article, I'll be explaining the next piece: the Knights

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The Pieces Of Chess Game


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