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Best GG Matches Analysis To Win You Big Tonight And Has GG And Over 90 Odds

Armenia verses Germany

Armenia will be the host of the match against Germany in the match. The match will kick off at 8.00 pm on Sunday. Both teams play in world cup qualifications. Germany has played in the last three fixtures and won highly in the match. The results are as follows 9-0 , 0-4 and 2-1 in the match. GG will take place today.

Croatia Verses Russia

In the last three fixtures Russia has managed to win all matches which has played. The results are as follows won 6-0,2-1 and 1-0 in the match. Both teams will Score at least one goal in the match. Russia being hosted by Croatia. The match will kick off at 5.00 pm in Kenya time. Croatia to win the match.

Norway verses Latvia

Norway Results are as follows 2-0, 5-1 and managed draw of 1-1 one Match. Norway to win the match against Latvia. Malta verses Slovakia. Malta to win the match.

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