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Football betting

How To Get The Best Out Of Betting

Betting has become a nationwide gambling game this days. There's no part in Kenya where you will visit and find no adult or teenager engaging in the sport. Parents however should be encouraged not to allow their kids to register themselves in the betting sites. Gambling is an over 18+ game and we need to respect that statement.Gambling in the sports football sector tends to be tricky. Losing money every single day. Below are some of the best tips gathered to make you a more pro responsible gambler;

1. Believe and Trust in yourself.

When we come to betting, we tend to be doubting ourselves to the extent of consulting google. Remember that the tips posted by google are either human made or computer compiled.

So the main idea here is to believe in yourself. A small odd does jot mean that the team will win and vice versa.

2. Avoid Buying odds.

Buying odds from various people in the name of fixed odds is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Honestly, 90% sure there is no such thing as fixed games. Maybe the reserve ones which are difficult to access.

In Kenya, if you had no idea, people are trying to make money no matter the circumstances. By this I mean that there are ways Kenyans have figured out how to make virtual international number like for the US. So they know that with this number, you are likely to gall into their trap and believe that you are dealing with the best tipster and as a result you send the payment.

Funny thing is that, for you to send the money, you will be given a Kenyan number, with a Kikuyu name lets say Kimani, but who are you, you will still send the money, receive the "correct odds", stake high, loose all and get blocked.

3. Small Odds Do not mean sure bets.

The guy behind the system knows all the tricks. "If i put small odds in this teams, people will select them without even thinking twice" LOL , the guy is clever than you think.

So the best thing I can say is do some rough research on the teams.

4. Stake High For 2 or less teams.

You trust your instincts, right? Why not try picking your best two teams and stake high. The results would be kind blowing.

5. "Favoring ones club

Any manchester united reader? You people tend to trust too much on your team that they end up stressing you out. I wish I knew?

All I can say is that never bet on your team, they always tend to lose.

You can give out more betting tricks and hacks down below in the comment section.

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