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Why Ruto Is the Best Bet for 2022

*My take*

As we approach 2022 general election, the race seems to be narrowing down to two strong political bigwigs, Dp Ruto and Raila Amolo Odinga. Between the two, Ruto seems to have gained more popularity among the youths, a position initial held by Odinga.

Dp Ruto is very young and energetic. He represents the new order of our society which, a large percentage of it is made up of youths. He has enough energy to wrestle down the sons of dynasty like Odinga, Gideon Moi, Mudavadi and kalonzo combined. He has worked with them and hence understand their weaknesses. DP Ruto has a humble background and he knows what it means to go without food since he has been there. He understand what hustling means.

He is generous. Dp Ruto knows the importance of sharing. When we sent him to represent us, he remembered us in every step he took. You have seen him traversing the country to help the needy in our society. Most leaders always forget the electorates immediately they get elected and only come back when we are approaching the next election. Dp Ruto has not forgotten us, he has remained close to us despite becoming our second in command.

On the other hand, we have got sons of Dynasty. We have never seen them in "harambes" to support any son/daughter of a peasant. They have never missed anything in their lifetime. They don't understand why somebody can go without food because to them, they have plenty of it. The terms like poverty, lacking food or shelter don't exist to them, those are alien words. When you were being threatened not to take lunch so that you can have something to eat in the evenning, they were being threatened so that they can take lunch or they won't go for a tour in Mombasa. How do you expect a person like that to understand your plight?

I think Dp is in a better position to lead our country. He is resilience and visionary. That is why dynasties have joined hands to bring him down. But who is Dp? He is strong, he is one man who can milk a lionness while seated on the porcupine. He will handle them all. Can't you see how he has single handadly cornered them and they are now terrified? Any desparate move to dismantle Dp has been proved to be futile.

Raila, kalonzo, Mudavadi and wetangula represent the old order politics. There political styles have been over lived. They can't manage in the modern day political set up. It is just a matter of time before we bring them to reality.

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