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How Kenyans are conned through "pata potea" game

Today in many congested areas you'll never fail to find people crowded and playing a "pata potea" gambling game. This is not an actual game as the people involved are conmenmen who have specialised in stealing from innocent Kenyans.No matter how desperate you are never be tempted to play that game. This is how they do it.

1. The conmen drop either a pen, bottle top, card or money on your way as you are passing and request you to pick it up for them. In that way they have already attracted you.

2. Just after picking the item and bringing it to them, they entice you by giving you money. They won't let you go as they will convince you to enter into the game and gamble to gain more money and because you are desperate of money you do as you are told.

3. After playing they let you win for a few minutes then you start loosing. On loosing what you had already been given, them they have already regained their money and they convince you to take from your pocket to gamble.

4. After playing for a while, you won't win anything and on questioning their methods, they chase you away. At any point if you try to create drama, they'll only give you bus fare since you will chase their new to be conned customers away.

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