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A Woman Living In USA Explains Why People In Diaspora Never Want To Host Green Card Lottery Winners

A kenyan woman living in USA has explained why most people in diaspora refuse to host winners of the green card lottery.

Speaking in the video she shared online,Betty Az stated that one of the reasons why people in diaspora never want to host the DV lottery winners is because of a busy schedule.When one has a busy schedule whereby they work in more than one job,they are always busy as a result they cannot host someone.She stated that most people in diaspora are busy and they spent less time in their houses.

Another reason why some people do not want to host green card winners is because of bad experiences in the past.This could be because his or her relationship with someone they hosted in the past did not work out as a result,they never want to host anyone again.

Betty stated that another reason why people don't want to host is because they do not want to disclose their personal information such as a personal address to a stranger.Lack of space is also another reason why people do not want to host especially those living in a small house that cannot accommodate many people.

According to Betty,one couple in marriage may have issues hosting people as a result it might be difficult to host someone who has won a green card lottery.She added that financial instability is also another reason why people in diaspora do not want to host people because they cannot afford to cater for everything.She stated that people do not intentionally refuse to host DV lottery winners because most of them have reasons why they do not want to host.

Watch the video below from 7:20 to 28:56.

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