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Less games high stake. Six matches to earn you big this weekend.

When it comes investing in sports, many people will see it as a waste of money but the truth is that betting is a legit investment when you know how it is done. Many people tend to lose their money due to staking less on many games making the probability lower.

Make sure that you do not stake on many games in order to increase the chances of winning. Less games will mean that the odds will be lower hence you need to up your stake. A five hundred going upwards will earn you much money.

If you are the kind to place many games, make sure you check on the sure markets. Sure markets usually contain less odds but they are safe to select. Again select them and stake highly

If you have a big odd which you are sure of just stake on that alone and leave other peanut odds as they will only stain your big odd. It's not worth the pain.

Try this carefully analysed matches going onto the weekend

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