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Sports Betting Rules; Do this to be a Consistently Profitable Bettor.


This is not financial advice in any way. It's a personal opinion seconded by some information from other acknowledged sources. I'm not a financial expert, gaming is addictive bet responsibly.

Hello, again many thanks for stopping by. In this article, we shall be looking at the five most underrated betting rules that will put you in the top 1% of the punters who win big. In our previous articles, we've touched majorly on these topics and we hope they help you grow daily.

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So without further chit-chat let's get right into it. 

1. Quality over Quantity.

This is one of the key rules that every successful bettor follows. Betting on fewer games will have a higher probability of winning compared to longer banker which is not well researched.

Always choose the odds between 3-7. This will carry lesser risk with a reasonable reward.

2. Manage your Bankroll.

In bankroll management, you have to focus on managing your risks to ensure you stay in the game even after the first couple of losses. Only risk a certain percentage of your account in every stake and adhere to the great thumb rule which advices not to risk more than 10% in a single investment.

3. Betting Markets.

Only choose your bets from markets that are easy to bet on and carry fewer risks. This include; OV/UN, GG/NG, DC, and many more. This will raise your chances of winning but always remember our point number. 1 above before this.

4. Research Well.

Before finally coming up with a bet slip with markets you want to bet on, do thorough research from all scopes checking all team news, lineups, injury and suspension lists, H2H statistics, team form, and trends.

Ensure that you exhaust everything that directly affects the performance of the match since these are real facets and ignoring them might be costly regardless of how your picks look probable.

5. Losing Streaks.

Our last point will be the most important topic that deals majorly with the bettor's psychology. Losing a streak will affect your psychological status and as a result revenge betting might get into you. It will be advisable to stay out for some time as it will help you relax. Focus on long-term results and not daily small wins and losses. Tame the greed as well to avoid betting on high odd amounts than the one on the set rules.

Thanks for reading this far please like and follow for more informative articles of the same. Happy punting.

Source; ( Basic Sports Betting Strategy Tips by Audrey Weston|last updated December 1st,2022 11:08 am PST)

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